Equipping students with high transferable skills to help them in everyday life and labor market permanent challenges is becoming imperative due to the socio-economic conditions nowadays. As a result, in accordance with the individual training needs, teachers should be endowed with didactic and pedagogical tools able to boost students’ school-work transition and provide the learning environment with a more real life oriented approach.

     Hard-Soft Skilling - Charting your Career Path is a Strategic Partnerships for Cooperation, Innovation and Exchange of Good Practices among 8 secondary schools, both general and vocational, from Romania, Bulgaria, France, Portugal, Spain, Turkey, Germany and Italy.  The scope of the project is the integration of hard and soft core transversal skills learning as part of the 14-19 year-old high-school students’ development in 8 European countries, by the use of appropriate methodologies and tools to facilitate the process, in alliance in alliance with the “Europe 2020”strategy for growth and ET2020 guidelines.

  • to develop employability through basic high transferable skills acquisition; 
  • to maximize learning potential, encouraging self-reflecting and critical thinking on how to use the hard soft skills to chart their career path, offering tools learners may personalize and use for self –promotion;
  • to develop awareness of the diversity of the local /national/international labor market and employment opportunities, equipping students with research skills and  job searching techniques;