O1- Comparative study

This output will consist in the performance of a study which recovers information about the importance high transferable skills have in the school curriculum and what skills are used by learners and how. Surveys for students and teachers will be used to address the issue.

O2- Optional course syllabus

The teaching syllabus will be used as a course planning tool, helping prepare and organize the teaching sessions of the skills instruction intended, providing clear insight into the main aspects the course will deal with.

O3- Employment web directory

The employment web directory  is a database containing  links related to career training, recruitment agencies, job search engines, links with CV templates, links sorted for different types of users( tourism, health, science, art, etc.) in order to help students of different domains find the good quality information related to the world of work  they need in an organized way.

O4- Teaching toolkit

The teaching toolkit will include 8 modules, 4 modules will be career oriented, the other 4 being focused on high transversal skills development.

O5 - Career plan model

Tailored as a step-by-step guide towards self-assessment, exploring options, decision making and pursuing actions in order to reach the goals regarding the desired career, this output will permanently be revised and updated by the students.

O6- Teaching guide

It will be designed to offer teachers accessible ways to approach teaching about developing high transversal skills including reflection on how to navigate through the work related materials available either paper-based and on-line, lesson planning and timely, practical information on all aspects of the instruction.

O7- Easy resume creator for job hunters

It is an on-line resume maker including some different styles of a resume, different templates, etc.


The Open educational resource (OER) includes course material, modules, tests, resources.

O9- "Am I a hard-skilled / soft-skilled Person?”- Android application for smartphones

A quiz containing questions about the students’ transversal skills linked to the hard/soft passport available for smartphones and on-line.